Get set for success with your sealcoating venture, with this easy to follow guide!

 “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” said Benjamin Franklin. And these are wise words indeed.

But although Benjamin Franklin did many great things in his lifetime, sealcoating his own driveway was probably not one of them.

The one thing that all home construction projects have in common is the need to prepare carefully in advance before commencing them.

And sealcoating is no different.

In fact, the preparation may well take longer than the actual job itself!

By taking your time and doing your homework, you increase the chances of your project succeeding first time.


If sealed correctly, your driveway will last for a lifetime. This could be over thirty years. But firstly, the driveway must be treated correctly and that means getting the sealcoat done right.

You should prepare yourself for the fact that the sealcoating job can be long and tedious.

It will probably take an entire day, which includes the time for it to dry afterwards.

Before you can even start doing this, you need to make sure that the asphalt is even up to being sealcoated in the first place.

Adequate care needs to be taken of the asphalt before you can begin.

This means checking for cracks and making sure they have been taken care of.


Don’t start any job before knowing how much it is going to cost you. Of course, sealcoating your own driveway is going to save you money.

But it is always good to know by exactly how much it will do.

Sealcoating your own driveway is also going to cost you in time and effort. So now is the time to decide if you are up for the challenge. If you’re not, then it might be better to let a professional driveway paving contractor to do the job for you.

Having decided to do the job for yourself, it is now time to tot up the potential costs:

In terms of budget, the actual materials will come in at around $100. Not a lot, and you will also save more in labor costs.

As well as the actual cost of the sealcoat, don’t forget to purchase a squeegee, broom, drill, duct tape, dashing brush, mixing paddle and finally, some poly sheets to cover up any areas you don’t want splashing with sealcoating.


No matter what your budget is, it pays to buy the best possible grade of sealcoat that you can do.

Sealcoat comes in different grades, types and cost. Know which one you want before you start the job.

Bear in mind that the cheapest grade of sealcoat ($15 per five gallons) will cover less ground than a premium one does.

Consider the quality, before you make your decision to go for the cheapest product on the market.


Don’t forget this crucial part of beginning any outdoor job – especially a sealcoating one.

The weather conditions matter and although it may be summertime now, there is still always the chance of some rain.

So, play it safe and see what the weatherman has to say about the situation before you break out the squeegee!


Now you are ready to begin… almost!

Before coating anything you need to clean the driveway.

We would recommend using a garden hose or power washer to do this.

Also give it a running over with that broom you got out. It needs to be done properly. And we mean properly!

If you find any oil patches, it needs priming.

Should you find any holes or cracks…. You know what we’re going to say- don’t ignore them and hope they’ll go away and certainly don’t think that you can simply apply a sealcoat and that will be enough.

It won’t. It needs to be done properly!

Don’t forget Benjamin Franklin’s wise words!