About Us

For over thirty years, we have been the handyman’s friend and confidante.

Since the eighties, we have been publishing hints and tips and advice on how to complete that perplexing project and lending a helping hand to the beleaguered homeowner.

We know that our readers are not expert tradesmen, but they are intelligent homeowners, who are prepared to roll up their sleeves and give things a go.

Whereas perfection is continually strived for, our readers know that sometimes, things can go wrong along the way and the trick is to learn from those mistakes.

To help us all learn the best way of completing a project the right – and the wrong – way, we publish some of the biggest home DIY disasters and fudges, each month. This is done, with a full and frank explanation of what went wrong and how you can help to avoid repeating such mistakes yourself.

And to try and make sure that your next project is nothing but an unqualified success, our editing team color code all our featured jobs.

Watch out for the ‘traffic light’ badge on the bottom of every project we publish. They are awarded either a red, yellow or green light, to denote its difficulty level

Green is for go – this is an easy project, that even a beginner should be able to attempt.

Yellow is for caution – this is something that is of intermediate difficulty and could prove problematic for the unready.

Finally, a red badge is one that only an experienced DIYer or professional should actually attempt for themselves.

Our editions come out monthly and our website is updated on a frequent basis. Whatever it is you want to attempt, you can be sure to find it either in our pages or on our site, somewhere.

With our commitment to helping the homeowner to help themselves, we have overseen and inspired literally tens of thousands of home improvement projects.

Will your next remodel be one of them?