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Get set to sealcoat your driveway!

Having successfully followed all the instructions in part one you should now be ready to sealcoat your driveway.


Before you start anything, a quick check of your work clothes is advisable.

Take it from us – sealcoat will get everywhere. So, it is a good idea to wear clothes that you aren’t too fussed about getting dirty!


And what goes for your shoes, also goes for your driveway and surrounding front walkway.

Anything you don’t want accidently splashing with sealcoat, should be well protected.

So this means covering everything in its path with that poly sheeting and taping it down with duct tape, securely!

Remember to also cover up the part of the driveway which you have chosen to do the mixing on. This needs sheeting applying it.

We would recommend using one of the pail lids to stop splashes of mix getting everywhere. Cut a small hole in the top of it, to allow the paddle mix inside it, without needing to remove the lid while mixing.

When you are marking the edges of the project, do so with the duct tape carefully sealed against the areas you don’t want splashing.

Now use the dashing brush to apply the sealcoat to those edges. Don’t skimp on the amount either. Be sure to clean up the brushes good and proper, when you’re done. You’re going to need them clean for tomorrow.

Another bit of protecting prep is to think about exactly how much sealcoat you are going to need. You will have done the arithmetic in advance, right?

Having worked out how much mix you need, now place the tubs of sealcoat in the correct area, where they are going to be needed.

Then they will be ready to go and all present and correct, when they’re needed. Hopefully this bit of advanced planning will save you having to walk back and forth all over your freshly sealcoated driveway!


Begin the mixing process with the paddle mixer at the top of the bucket. It should be lowered carefully into the sealcoat mixture in the base of the pail.

Now make it spin, so that it blends both the solid and the liquid in the sealcoat together, into one consistent mix.


Finally, the moment has come for you to pour the mixture onto your driveway. Do so in a shape that resembles a reversed letter U.

Once it has been poured, get your broom and spread the mixture. Make sure you pour sufficient to keep a little pool in the front of the applicator.

When you are done, remember to put the lids back on the tubs and clean up all your tools.

Putting the spent buckets along the curb to deter vehicles from driving on the wet sealcoat as it dries overnight, is highly advisable!

Tomorrow you will repeat the entire process.

Be prepared to give the wet driveway a full two days to dry properly in, before driving a car onto it.

Get this right and you could help extend your driveway’s life for many years to come!